About us

Our company is a model of a historical and traditional business promoting and highlighting the quality and goods of the Messinian land.

It was next to the coast of Kalamata by our grandfather, vinegar producer Stylianos Miniourakos, in 1948, right after the end of World War II and the Civil War. It was one of the first vinegar-making units in the area and quite a successful one, thanks to the care of its founder who, assisted by two employees and using traditional machinery, developed the business.

The business gradually grew and promoted its products based on its proven quality. As time went by and the new technological developments infuenced Kalamata, the business also opened up to the new. So, in 1992, Mr. Athanasios Vrionis, son-in-law of Stylianos Miniourakos, with his absorption expanded the production to an industrial level.

He created a new, modern industrial unit, equipped with modern machinery and wooden vinegar-making casks in the new entrance of Kalamata city, named "Athanasios Vrionis & Co. G.P.".

In 2009, the Vrionis family further expanded the business, creating a new, modern vinegar production plant, in the industrila zone of Kalamata. New machinery and state of-the-art equipment was installed and provided filters, vats, modernized producers of vinegar and new equipment which is recommended to bottle thw vinegar.

Today, the company manned with the younger members of the family, managed to modernize further the production in order to provide to its customers, who they support and trust them all these years, except from the basic product and other new.

For the end, the company and the production process is certified according to the IFSISO 22000:2018 and Certification of Organic products.

One of the first Vinegar-making businesses in Greece.

Field Office - Factory

Antikalamos Messinia
Kalamata 24100, Greece

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08:30 - 16:00


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